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If you need help now, call (800) 445-1195
If you need help now, call
(800) 445-1195


Your experienced partner for workplace success.

From the moment you start working with us, you’ll gain access to a team of professionals who help both your organization and its employees become familiar with the full array of service we provide. All of our counselors are masters level clinicians who have a thorough knowledge of varied work environments, cultures, employee relations, crisis intervention, psychosocial assessments, treatment planning and case management. You’ll find our team to be responsive and compassionate.

What services do you provide to Management?

Management Consultations

Individualized Trainings

Critical Incident Response

Our services include…

  • Management Consultations

    Responsive, unlimited consultation services for human resources, managers, and front-line supervisors. Whether you are concerned about an employee’s job performance or well-being, we aim to provide support and be your partner in the work you do. Our master’s level counselors can provide guidance on recognizing employees in need, managing conflict in the workplace, and developing leadership strategies.

  • Critical Incident Response

    Coastline EAP’s master’s level counselors provide onsite, virtual, and telephonic consultation for tragic events or losses, such as natural disasters, accidents, and expected or unexpected deaths of a colleague. EAP counselors work to foster the healthy resilience of your employees and engage them in effective strategies to reduce ongoing stress reactions.

  • Group Trainings

    We offer Group Trainings to meet your organization’s needs. Common topics include stress management, resilience, burnout prevention, work-life balance, and professional development skills. We also host wellness classes on stretching and meditation. Our goal is to provide impactful experiences that spark curiosity, foster community, and engage participants for deeper understanding and learning.
  • Specialized Individual Trainings

    Specialized Individual Trainings tailored to employee needs, such as Sexual and Discriminatory Harassment, Respect and Civility in the Workplace, Communication, Conflict Management, Professionalism, Time Management, Managing Your Emotions at Work, and Boundaries. These modules are delivered by EAP counselors one-on-one. They support compliance and employer policies around workplace behavior and EEOC requirements.

  • DOT - Substance Abuse Professional Services

    Coastline EAP provides SAP (Substance Abuse Professional) services nationwide to organizations required to comply with DOT (Department of Transportation) drug and alcohol testing program components. Our SAPs will recommend appropriate follow-up testing, treatment, and education based on an employee’s needs.

  • Health and Benefit Fairs

    Coastline team member(s) will meet with employees onsite to explain our services, answer questions, and offer promotional materials. Employees are more likely to utilize their EAP when they are familiar with its team.

  • Promotional Materials

    Promotional materials to boost awareness are available via print and digital media as well as live and prerecorded webinars.

  • Orientations

    Unlimited Employee and Supervisor Orientations are designed to introduce employees, supervisors, managers, and Human Resources to the variety of services Coastline provides and help promote awareness of the EAP.